Does anyone know where a sister can get a pack of questing dwarves?

Image{Dwalin and Balin inspecting the cheeses in Bilbo’s larder}

I feel a bit like Bilbo at the moment, with all this cheese and meat that’s been disappearing from my apartment–only I haven’t had the pleasure of a pack of dwarves, I’ve been eating it myself. Getting rid of meat and other animal products is obviously a primary step in the journey to veganhood–from what I’ve gleaned from “the interwebs,” there are basically two schools of thought (Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.):

1. Just toss it–it is better for you health-wise, and it would be wrong to consume it, because you would be continuing this cycle of objectification (the same goes for leather goods, etc). It isn’t any more wasteful to throw it away than it is to bury a loved one who’s passed away.

2. Eat it/Give it away if possible–to do otherwise would be wasteful. An animal was forced to suffer unspeakably so you could have that lean ground turkey, so you’d better eat it and be thankful, Goddamnit!

So far, I’ve been going with option 2–it just makes more sense to me, and I’m trying to be as honest as possible with myself. There are some other things–non-animal products–like white pasta, white rice, etc that I’d like to get rid of as well, so I’m doing it all at once. I’m just going to cook it, eat it, and be done with it. I suppose another option would be to host a dinner party that incorporates all undesirable ingredients in one fell swoop! Really, I’m not looking forward to eating that ground-turkey in my freezer (I hadn’t even bought it–my former roommate left it for me, because SHE didn’t want to waste either). That being said, I’ve been going through those little Baby Bell cheeses like a Baby Bell Banshee. I used to pack them in my bag for a quick healthy snack at work, and had two bags of 12 at the start.

The cheezorcism looks something like this:

 Really, I’m just not affluent enough to toss out all of the food that I have in my kitchen, then go out and buy all new food–I’m a grad student for pity’s sake.

I did, however, purchase a number of staples from with my tax-refund (yay tax-refund!)

1. A blender–I did not have one! Now I can grind things into other things, like cashews into creamy goodness–it’s like transfiguration, without the animal abuse.

2. A cast-iron pan–something I should have invested in a long time ago, as I’m anemic. I also like that you aren’t supposed to wash them. ^__*

3. Quinoa

4. Black beans

5. Garbanzo beans

6. Nutritional Yeast–apparently this is added to a lot of vegan recipes to add…cheesiness? Umami? Chutzpah?

7. Vegan facial moisturizer–It is DRY in here, y’all.

8. Corn Starch–more chutzpah

9. I love love love pasta–I figured I’d get brown rice pasta, but then I found this great product by Jovial–I have never even heard of this, it’s called “Einkorn” pasta. It’s so much more healthful than brown rice or the regular brown or white crap

NINE GRAMS OF PROTEIN per serving–NINE, I SAY: that means more like 20 in hobbit portions! Also, observe all that crap on the bottom–a fair bit of iron and MANGANESE which I don’t understand the value of because I’m in the humanities but they seem to think it’s beneficial!

10. Paprika–I ran out : (

11. lemon juice–ran out of that too

12. Better than Boullion vegetable base, as shamelessly endorsed on Ellen…or her personal chef, really  (vegan BTW)

13. Raw cashews

14. Raw sunflower seeds (cashew’s cheap cousin, apparently)

15. Did I say black beans?

I have worked with everything on this list with the exception of the raw nuts (other than just eating them plain) and the nutritional yeast–my first vegan cookbook recipe that I want to try, once I get my new blender, “sunflower mac” by Post Punk Kitchen! I like this blog a great deal–all of the cook books I bought were by this author, and I didn’t even do it consciously! It uses all the ingredients I’ve never used before, so I thought some gentle cookbook guidance would be just the thing…. I just wish my mini ramekins weren’t at my parents’ house… >.>

This Saturday I will be going on a Wegmans adventure to pick up some fresh stuff, like kale and tofu and tempeh and hummus and blablabla.

Also, for lunch today I had a lovely curry tofu dish from the Korean restaurant on campus–I am not purchasing anything non-vegan, just working through what I already have–the exception being when I find out whether or not I’ve been accepted into my number one choice for a PhD program–I will either be celebrating or mourning at a very foodie Italian restaurant–quail eggs on our asparagus roasted with pancetta type place–you know what I’m talking about! Though, they do have some great vegetarian–can’t remember about vegan–options. I think that would also constitute part of my last meal–an important part of the ritual, in my food-centric mind.


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